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We like to make people happy, make people smile and overall we like to provide to those that need us most. SpongeDesign started many years ago as an idea. The idea was simple, business should not be daunting thatís why here at SpongeDesign the philosophy is "The Softer Side" be it 'The Softer Side Of The Web' to 'Softer Side Of Design' you get the picture. Right?

From our humble beginnings as a simple idea and philosophy we have expanded to offer our customers everything they need* (Read: Almost everything) from web design, development, support and maintenance. All through to Logo design, animation and photographic services.

The Portfolio Smile

Below is some of our most recent work. We hope you like it, if you do Contact Us.

  • MKC Maintenance
  • SureCommunications.net
  • Loving Memories
* May result in world takeover plans


Um what to say?I think we might of said it all... more about us



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